Summer Camp Curriculum Highlights

Before the pep rallies and games begin, AMP YOUR GAME by strengthening your team’s bond at camp! AmeriCheer creates a fun, spirited atmosphere where teams can discover what makes them unique, develop leadership and technical skills, and build traditions for the year. Our interactive curriculum is unequaled and unparalleled resulting in the best spirit leaders for your school and community!

GAME DAY Material that Works

Learn crowd-leading cheers and offense, defense, and all-around sidelines that works and are created specifically for maximum crowd response and perfect for all game situations.

Dynamic Dances

Get your groove on with this camp favorite no matter your ability level. Learn hip hop, funk, pom, and so much more as you turn heads with all of the latest and greatest moves for your new season.

Mentoring Program

Our personalized Mentoring Program ensures every attending team is paired with a "BIG" (Big Brother and/or Big Sister) staff member that provides exceptional role modeling skills, guidance, realistic goal setting implementation, and workshops through daily group settings. 

Mentoring Topics to Include:

  • Team Leadership & Goal Setting
  • Sportsmanship & Cheer Etiquette
  • Roles of Today's Cheerleader
  • Captain Leadership Training
  • Creating & Keeping Traditions Alive
  • Pep Rally Planning & Implementation
  • Nutrition & Health
  • Conditioning & Jumps Flexibility
  • Cheer Stances & Motions Techniques
  • How to Communicate with Your Crowd Using Signs
  • Formation Ideas for Various Team Sizes
  • So Much More! 

The Mentoring Topics are selected from each organizations Team Resourse Book. Each team captain will receive their very own Team Resourse Book to take home.

One-on-One Private Coaching and Individualized Instruction

Our knowledgeable and creative staff provides only the best in order to prepare your team(s) for readiness. Through up-close and personal one-on-one daily instructional time that includes:

  • Valuable input, ideas, and feedback
  • Enhancing your team(s) strengths
  • Building confidence and selfworth all to prepare you for your daily evaluations and season

Spirit Toolkit Session

This "Gotta-Know-It" session covers all aspects of what is needed to effectively incorporate visual/crowd-leading aides (signs, poms, megs, etc.) to better enhance your crowd-leading skills.

Crowd Crazies - Crowd-Leading

Get your fans, student section, and entire community on their feet and get them "Loud-and-Proud" throughout the game by learning to effectively lead your crowd during crucial time-out situations, on the sidelines, and more with your traditional school yell, chant, or cheer.

Evaluations and Progress Checks

Help gauge your camp progress by partaking in daily evaluations perfect for remembering and perfecting learned material and building confidence. This low-pressure activity, complete with written, daily feedback from our staff is the ultimate way to know how you are doing when it comes to giving your all. Note: All evaluations consist of material learned at camp so there is no need to prepare any home cheers.

Band Cheers/Chants Class

Get rockin' with another camp favorite which includes super fun band cheers and dances and simply anything band related.

Technical Training

Learn the ins-and-outs of developing outstanding jumps as well as sharp, crisp, motion techniques to compliment all that you do through our comprehensive skill building and enhancement training.

Crowdleading Stunts/Building Classes

If you are a buidling team, we know your favorite thing is to learn new stunting skills. From core stunts to advanced, innovative techniques, learn the ultimate in new and exciting building skills for your team. Note: All building classes will be divided according to participants ability levels.

Non-Building Program Alternatives

Don't build? No problem, for we offer valuable alternative classes that will provide non-building programs with additional informational sessions, material, dances, and so much more.

Elective Classes

At AmeriCheer, we'll provide all of those extras that adds even more value to your camp experience. Partake in outstanding sessions that covers technical training, additional classes.

Team Building Activities

Build, bond, and grow through fun and interactive team building activities that unites your team and lays the foundation to embark upon a new year.

Leadership Training

Specifically for captains, co-captains, coaches or anyone - we provide exceptional leadership workshops, complete with a take home booklet full of activities that keep your leaders focused and creates the kind of leaders your school deserves.

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